‘What do I do next?’ towards local collaborative working … Events in October to help you!

The Collective believes that by working together, building retrofit and improvement can happen at scale, for a wider variety of people, with advantages in costs and quality, whilst also developing closer, more resilient communities.

It may well be that you’re already intrigued by the potential of the idea and want to explore it further, but don’t really know where to start. In October we’re putting on a complementary pair of events for you. They come under the collective title: ‘Better Communities Through Building Improvement‘.

At the start of the month there’s an online workshop where you can hear about creating groups at different scales and get useful information to help you start on a journey to finding or creating a local building retrofit and improvement community.

At the end of the month there’s an informal in-person discussion and social event in the city centre (with refreshments) where you can chat with us and other people interested in pursuing collaborative community-led building retrofit and improvement, discuss any questions you have and hopefully be inspired into action.

The events are designed to be complementary, but it’s fine to attend one and not the other.