The city-wide collective supporting the development of resilient communities through community-led improvement of buildings

Achieve warmer, healthier homes, lower fuel bills, reduced carbon emissions, cheaper, better quality retrofit and stronger, happier communities with the help of the Edinburgh Building Retrofit and Improvement Collective. 

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The Collective is for Householders and Professionals

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Are you a householder sharing our interest in collaborative community-led building improvement? Are you looking to get assistance and connect with others to create change? You can be a community group or organisation of any size. Perhaps you’re individually interested in finding or starting one in your community – at building, street or neighbourhood level, or among those with similar needs? We can help you connect with professionals / trades as an independent community intermediary. Owner or tenant – please sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date and email us so we can help you.

Are you a provider of professional or trade services for this work? Many skills are relevant to the essential need (and growing market) for domestic energy efficiency improvement, whether it be through advice, design, assessment, building, renovating, installing etc (for retrofit or planned maintenance). Do you want to extend your skills into this area, connect with others working in the field or gain access to this market (for larger multi-property contracts, or individuals) through a trusted community intermediary? Please sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date and email us so we can help you.

Please note that if you’re an individual householder looking for help with a project involving only your own single-owner building, that is not our speciality. The Collective has an explicit primary focus on supporting and encouraging collaborative community-led groups with multi-property projects. It may seem daunting, or it may feel like an additional complexity you can avoid, but we believe that there are genuinely better results to be had by working in communities. You can read more about this here. However, if you are working as an individual you may find some useful material in our resources and you’re welcome to email us in case there’s some way we can help you.

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The Collective is non-commercial, entirely independent and governed by representatives of our member groups. We’re grateful to have been selected, in voting by residents of the city, for funding from the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund provided by