Under One Roof: Recommended for impartial information on repairs and maintenance for flat owners in Scotland

The Collective’s focus is on supporting the development of resilient communities in Edinburgh via community-led improvement of buildings (including through planned maintenance as well as retrofit), with the owners of a tenement stair being a prime example of such a community on a smaller scale.

Under One Roof is a very complementary organisation that has a specific focus on all things tenement-related and is one that we recommend wholeheartedly as a source of trustworthy information and guidance.

“Under One Roof is Scotland’s charity dedicated to providing impartial information to the more than half a million tenement flat owners, and related professionals, on issues related to tenement management, maintenance, and retrofit. 

It seeks to improve the lives of tenement flat owners by promoting the upkeep of their buildings, and by working with local and national government, and housing professionals, to make this upkeep easier and more affordable.”