Roll up! Retrofit Rover pop-up roadshow makes a successful debut

The Retrofit Rover debut in Harrison Park, Shandon on 23rd March was a big success. Our wonderful freelance Event Coordinator, Hazel, got the Rover designed and constructed in just a few weeks and, on the day, sped up the hill from Portobello into the teeth of a bit of a windy blast, thanks to the boosted power of one of the e-cargo bikes from Porty Cargo Bike Library.

The eye-catching informative info-graphic boards covering some essential topics in building retrofit and improvement, combined with our friendly team of EdinBRIC volunteers and backed-up by the lure of free doughnuts, drew a constant stream of people in throughout the afternoon to find out more and sign up to the ‘Retrofit Shandon’ local group and our mailing list. And nothing blew away, or got damaged in the wee bit of rain!

It was lovely to meet so many people keen to talk about all things related to building retrofit, maintenance and improvement, energy efficiency, clean heat and community in Edinburgh. It was all as good as we could have hoped it to be.

The Retrofit Rover will be making another appearance at the Stockbridge Colonies Yard Sale (19th May) and at a number of local festivals over the next few months (including the North Edinburgh Festival, Canal Festival, Sea Rising Festival and the Edinburg Climate Festival). And quite possibly elsewhere besides – keep an eye out!.