A tenement owners’ association is a community group. Tell us about yours!

The Collective strongly believes that collaborative community-led building retrofit and improvement is the way of the future. Start with owners’ associations in tenements.

Although traditionally associated with reactive repair, and maintenance, to avoid further deterioration in building fabric condition, in the future a stair’s owners’ association (OA) should be key to proactively improving affordability, comfort and health for all owners/residents, whilst also working to reduce carbon emissions, prepare for future changes in heat and energy infrastructure, build community resilience and adapt to changes arising from climate change (such as increasing heavy rainfall events).

A good owners’ association, that enables money to be invested in the building will ultimately save money and prevent the disruption of major repairs, whilst also boosting the value of flats. What’s not to like? So, how do we best help to make this transition in approach to OAs? There will be some legal changes in the next few years to support this, but in the meantime, research to understand the variety of cases out there and to enable the success stories of such forward-thinking OAs to be promoted more widely will help.

We’re working with Under One Roof to understand more about the current situation. If you have any kind of owners’ group in your tenement, please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions in this survey.

Please also promote the survey to others, by giving them the link of this page, or linking them to Under One Roof’s social media posts (e.g: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).